5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Well just like that the summer has flown by and we are now staring the middle of August right in the face.  This means that school is just around the corner…or has just started for some unfortunate souls.  We will begin our own homeschooling journey with Tripp after Labor Day.  We are a bundle of nerves and excitement…and in a rush to get the homeschool room/office done in time!  Do not fret!  I will share how it turns out!

In anticipation for getting back into a routine + getting used to schooling + Saturday morning soccer, I have already begun planning and even making some breakfasts for the freezer to help with the ease and rhythm of our busy autumn mornings.  I’m not a unique mom in that I need breakfast to be something (relatively) quick, healthy and, most importantly, I need my kids to eat it….they get tired of soaked oats, avocado toast and smoothie bowls. *gasp*  So, special for you busy mamas, I have put together a list our tried-and-true favorite healthy breakfast ideas that will help jump start your morning, are nutritious and kid-friendly!  All of these breakfasts are dairy-free and most have vegan options.

#1: Graffles (green waffles)– These waffles are one of our all time favorite breakfasts!  Like no joke!  You may think, “Yuck, spinach in waffles.” but you can’t even taste it.  The boy’s request these frequently!  We prefer to top ours with nut butters, fresh fruit, coconut yogurt, date/maple syrup, chia seeds and hemp hearts.  Soooooo tasty + filling + nutritious.  I also eat these on the go as a snack with either no toppings or just a little nut butter.

graffles blog (1 of 1)


#2: Vanilla Coconut Granola– We love this granola!  It doesn’t hurt that it is one my sister’s recipes (off her blog…two of my sisters have blogs actually). Shameless plug.  We enjoy this granola sprinkled on top of coconut yogurt or nut milk with nut butter and fresh fruit.  Or, as an on-the-go snack, just dry by the fist-fulls.

vanilla coconut granola
Picture from diningwithdelara.com


#3: Breakfast Enchilada with Ranchero Sauce– We are enchilada people, y’all.  We love ’em.  And love starting our day with these ones in particular.  These are another good make ahead/freeze option.  I also like to add spinach and forgo the cheese.

Picture from littlespicejar.com


#4: Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal Breakfast Bars-Who doesn’t want to start their day with carrot cake?!  These are such a delectable treat, but a healthy one!  I like to make a big batch of these to keep in the freezer.  We do like to enjoy them cold so we keep ours in the fridge but they are a great on the go snack as well.

Picture from sweetashoney.co

#5:Paleo Crustless Quiche– While we enjoy stuffing our bellies full of vegan meals, we do have lovely chickens that provide us free-range eggs.  This veggie-laden quiche is the perfect answer to a surplus of eggs (we have 10 egg laying chichens + 4 ducks).  I love the flexibility of this quiche.  It is easy to add in left over or seasonal veggies.  I routinely add spinach or kale as well as a tsp or so of nutritional yeast.

paleo crustless quiche
Picture from drkellyann.com

Ok, so now that I have shared our favorite healthy breakfast ideas for kids I am going to go make a bunch of these to stick in the freezer while my own nap.

What are your favorite healthy breakfast ideas for kids? Let me know in the comments below!

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