5 Prenatal Yoga Videos For All Trimesters

One thing I have learned over the years (and after 4 pregnancies) is that my body craves movement.  Being pregnant is so amazing but it can be a little challenging to get in the exercise that your body so desperately wants and needs.  I, personally, just stick to yoga while pregnant because of the gentle movements and stretching…usually because I feel so horrible for so long at the beginning that by the time I feel good enough to work out I feel so out of shape!  Plus, there are soooooo many benefits to consistent prenantal yoga practice.  For all you expecting mamas out there, here are my most favorite 5 prenatal yoga videos on YouTube.

#1: Prenatal Morning Yoga Routine by SarahBethYoga- This video is only 15 minutes long so it is perfect for me on busy mornings…or those mornings when the kids are going nuts.  This video is a tension-melter and great for all three trimesters.  The SarahBethYoga channel has several prenatal (or non-prenatal) yoga videos to choose from.  She has a 20 minute prenatal bedtime video that is a staple in my life!

#2: 28 Minute Prenatal Yoga With Fightmaster Yoga– This video is also appropriate for all three trimesters, plus she has little tips to practice more comfortably.  However, it is 28 minutes long so I reserve this video for the mornings I have a little more time.

#3: Prenatal Yoga Flow – lower back 30min– I love this video because it focuses on building strength and flexibility for the back, glutes & hamstring muscles.  My lower back seems to always suffer during pregnancy so these poses feel great!  This is another video that is safe for all three trimesters.

#4: Pregnancy Yoga – Embrace Change– This is a wonderful video for the first trimester in particular when your body is going through so many changes and might not be feeling the best.  However, I use this video in all three trimesters as it helps me in becoming more aware of my posture.  It also includes key modifications to help you practice pregnancy yoga safely.  This video is only 17 minutes long so it is quick and relaxing.

#5: Prenatal Yoga (all levels): 20 min. Prenatal Yoga Practice to Calm the Mind and Strengthen the Body– I love this video because I finish feeling so strengthened and stretched.  Plus it is only 20 minutes!

I hope these videos help relieve any aches and pains you may be feeling in your pregnancy, as well as prepare your body for the arrival of the new life you’re growing.

Remember mamas, I am not a health professional.  These are my personal favorites.  While many of these videos claim to be appropriate for all trimesters, you know your body and its limits.  If you have any doubts, questions or complications with your pregnancy, check with your health care provider before doing these practices.

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