DIY Vegan Gummies


My kids, like all, are obsessed with gummies.  Sure, they are fun and tasty, but I usually hesitate to buy them because #1: I don’t usually like the ingredients and #2: they don’t usually come with recyclable packaging.  Womp womp.  Plus, gelatin really creeps me out…anyone else?? But I now have a recipe for DIY Vegan Gummies that the boys love because of the taste and I love because of the organic ingredients and no added sugar!  This super quick and easy recipe uses Agar Powder instead of gelatin.  Agar Powder is a mix of carbohydrates extracted from seaweed and is a great substitute for gelatin in any recipe.  It has no flavor/odor/color so it is perfect for these gummies.  The Agar Powder is diluted in your choice of juice, coconut water, or even flavored water.  I usually use organic juice or coconut water with pureed fruit added.  There is really so much room for creativity so the possibilities of flavors are limitless!  I also take this time to allow the boys to express their creativity.  I allow them to build-their-own in a way..what kind of juice, fruit, and molds.  It can really be so much fun!

*Caution: making these gummies does involve very HOT liquid so this isn’t a suitable activity for children to do unsupervised!*


What you’ll need:

1T Agar Powder

1C juice or coconut water

Silicone Gummy Bear Molds


Dilute Agar Powder with the liquid of choice in a small sauce pan over medium heat.  Once the Agar Powder is dissolved and the liquid is softly bubbling, cook 5 minutes, stirring often.  Pour liquid into molds and allow to cool/harden in refrigerator.  Once cooled, pop out of mold and ENJOY!

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4 Reasons Amara Baby Food Rocks

I absolutely can not believe Jett is 7 months old now! Y’all, babies just don’t keep!  It seems as if last week we brought him home from the hospital and Tripp asked if we could keep him (I know, precious!).

1 Day old Jett

Amara Jett4 (1 of 1)We started Jett on solid food around the time he turned 6 months old.  I knew he was ready when I looked down and found him gumming a fistful of fries he had grabbed off my lunch plate!  Time to start some baby food.  But deciding on baby food can be quiet the task!  Thankfully, Amara does all the hard work.  So I want to share with you my 4 reasons I believe Amara baby food rocks.


Feeding my children wholesome, nutritious foods is super duper important to me, even when they are just starting solids.  Amara uses fresh, pure fruits and veggies (or “veg-yays” as we like to call them) that are USDA Organic and NON-GMO Project Verified!  In these wonderful little pockets of baby food there are no additives or fillers either.  Amara uses a cold and pressure technology in the preparation of their baby food, instead of the high levels of heat that is used in many other baby food brands, meaning there is less sugar and more nutrients.

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We are on the go A LOT so it is important that my baby food be travel ready.  Amara’s baby food is packaged in a thin lightweight pouch, making it easy to slip into any pocket or bag.  I am all about compact packaging!

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I have three boys three years old and under….I have less than zero time to make baby food.  So if I don’t have to make it, I’ll take it!  Because of the cold and pressure technology Amara uses in the preparation of its baby food, the contents of the pouch is actually a powder.  Simply mix in breastmilk, formula or water and viola! Baby food!


I loooovvvvveee versatility!  Amara’s baby food is for kids, and adults, of all ages.  We like to mix Amara baby food with our yogurt, smoothies, or oatmeal pancakes.  You can find more inspiration here.  Amara also has a wonderful blog if you’re looking for more feeding articles, or just more mommy resources.

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As much as I love using Amara baby food, I do wish the packaging was a little more environmentally friendly.  The boxes the pouches come in are recyclable but the individual pouches are not.  Even though this is a little bit of a bummer, Amara (yes, I asked them!) is actively trying to find a more recyclable packaging that meets their technical requirements.  Regardless, we will continue using Amara for our baby feeding needs and keep fingers crossed more recyclable packaging is in the more nearer future!


Keep on keepin’ on, mamas!-Kelly


**While Amara gifted me baby food for the purpose of a review, all opinions are my own!  This post may contain affiliate links.**